Wilmington DE

Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware

The city was built on the site of Fort Christina

Christina was the first Swedish settlement in North America.  The area now known as Wilmington was settled by the Lenape (or Delaware Indians) just before Henry Hudson sailed up the Delaware River in 1609.  Beginning in 1664, British colonization began; after a series of wars between the Dutch and English, the area stabilized under British rule, with strong influences from the Quaker communities.  Although only one small battle was fought in Delaware during the American Revolutionary War, British troops occupied Wilmington shortly after the nearby Battle of Brandywine in 1777. The British remained in the town until they vacated Philadelphia in 1778. The most remarkable growth in the city occurred during the Civil War. Although officially remaining a member of the Union, Delaware was a border state and divided in its support of both the Confederate and the Union causes. The war created enormous demand for goods and materials supplied by Wilmington, including ships, railroad cars, gunpowder, shoes, and other war-related goods.  We encourage you to learn more about this beautiful area by visiting the City of Wilmington DE website here.

The Lenape Native Americans were the historic tribe who occupied the area during European encounters. They were followed by European settlers, primarily English, in the early years of colonial settlement. Historians are uncertain of the source of Galloway Township's name. We encourage you to learn more about this beautiful area by visiting the Galloway Township website here.

Wilmington Commercial Renovations Cabinet Install

Complete commercial renovations

At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, we understand that the renovation will impact your business.  There are special skills to complete commercial renovations.  Many tangible and intangible factors need to be considered before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your building.  And our company, we aspire to be your Commercial Renovation General Contractor and look forward to discussing your goals.

Benavidez Commercial Contractors is a local company that would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your Wilmington area Commercial Renovations, Exterior Work, Framing, and Painting for your business.

Wilmington Commercial Renovations Cabinet Install

This picture features a Commercial Renovation in the Wilmington vicinity specific to a Cabinet Installation we finished for Wawa.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  Replacing old cabinets with new cabinets in a workspace can provide a fresh look and ample storage and functionality for your business and employees.

Wilmington Commercial Contractor Exterior Gas Canopy Encapsulation

This image from the Wilmington area features the encapsulation of the underneath section of the canopy. The encapsulation is completed for cosmetic reasons as well as preventative pest control.  


This next image from the Wilmington vicinity shows framing completed for a new hair salon, DryBar, Wall Township. Metal frames were constructed to separate the different rooms within the hair salon.  

Wilimington Commercial General Contractor Framing
Wilmington Commercial General Contractor Painting

This last project from the Wilmington area uses directional arrows to keep your traffic flowing in the correct direction.


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Benavidez Commercial Contractors is dedicated to family values, integrity, and our assiduous team.  At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, employees are like family.  The carpentry and painting crews not only know and understand Sebastian’s expectations but also understand each other since they have worked together for over fifteen years. 

Commercial Cabinet Install
Commercial General Contractor Line striping
benavidez commercial framing
Commercial Laminated beverage wall finished
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