Vineland NJ

Vineland was an early temperance town

where the sale of alcohol was prohibited

Temperance began in the early 1800s as a movement to limit drinking in the United States. The movement combined a concern for general social ills with religious sentiment and practical health considerations in a way that was appealing to many middle-class reformers. 

Charles K. Landis purchased 30,000 acres in 1861 and another 23,000 acres in 1874 to create his alcohol-free utopian society based on agriculture and progressive thinking.  Landis required that buyers of land in Vineland build a house on the purchased property within a year of acquisition, that 2+12 acres of the often heavily wooded land be cleared and farmed each year, and that adequate space be placed between houses and roads to allow for planting of flowers and shade trees along the routes through town.   Today, Vineland is a wonderful place to live and work, and we encourage you to learn more about this beautiful area by visiting the City of Vineland website here.

Vineland Commercial Renovations Cabinet Install

Complete commercial renovations

At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, we recognize that renovations can significantly affect your business operations. Successfully completing commercial renovations requires a unique set of skills, taking into account numerous tangible and intangible factors. Before selecting a professional construction contractor for your building, it's essential to consider these aspects. Our company aims to be your trusted General Contractor for Commercial Renovations, and we eagerly anticipate discussing your specific goals.

As a local company, Benavidez Commercial Contractors is well-positioned to assist with your Commercial Renovations, Exterior Work, Framing, and Painting needs in the Vineland area, contributing to the success of your business.

Vineland Commercial Renovations Cabinet Install

This picture features a Commercial Renovation we did in the Vineland vicinity specific to a Cabinet Installation we finished for Wawa.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  Replacing old cabinets with new cabinets in a workspace can provide a fresh look and ample storage and functionality for your business and employees.

Vineland Commercial Contractor Exterior Gas Canopy Encapsulation

This image that follows from the Vineland area features the encapsulation of the underneath section of the canopy. The encapsulation is completed for cosmetic reasons as well as preventative pest control.


This next image from the Vineland vicinity shows framing completed for a new hair salon, DryBar, Wall Township. Metal frames were constructed to separate the different rooms within the hair salon.

Vineland Commercial General Contractor Framing
Vineland Commercial General Contractor Painting

The latest project in the Vineland area involves the installation of directional arrows to maintain the proper flow of traffic.


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Benavidez Commercial Contractors is dedicated to family values, integrity, and our assiduous team.  At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, employees are like family.  The carpentry and painting crews not only know and understand Sebastian’s expectations but also understand each other since they have worked together for over fifteen years. 

Commercial Cabinet Install
Commercial General Contractor Line striping
benavidez commercial framing
Commercial Laminated beverage wall finished
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