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Companies Are Always Evolving

Companies are constantly evolving. As a business grows and changes, the base of operations may not be suitable for its current needs. A commercial renovation may be required to push the company forward successfully. Sometimes, this involves improving the working environment for their team or even re-branding the business. Whatever the reason, our company can help make those ideas for change a reality through the commercial renovation process.  We have worked with a variety of different businesses for their commercial renovations.

Ceiling Tile Installation


At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, we understand that the renovation will impact your business.  There are particular skills to complete commercial renovations.  Many tangible and intangible factors need to be considered before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your building.

Store owners and property management companies need to keep their parking lots safe. It is important to have crisp, clean paint for parking lots. At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, we can handle all your parking lot needs.

Commercial general 1

In this particular image, you'll find a depiction of directional arrows meticulously placed to ensure the smooth and proper flow of traffic within your establishment. As you peruse the subsequent images, you'll discover a comprehensive showcase of our expertise in parking lot line striping paints. These visual representations highlight our dedication to maintaining clarity and organization in your parking area. Each stroke of paint enhances the aesthetics and contributes to the safety and efficiency of your traffic management system, making your premises more welcoming and secure for all.

To begin with, this image prominently displays our meticulous work in striping a loading zone, showcasing the precision and attention to detail that Benavidez Commercial Contractors brings to every project. Below, you'll see our team's expertise in action as we've carefuly applied no-parking line striping, emphasizing our commitment to ensuring clear and effective traffic management. These visuals vividly illustrate the quality and professionalism we bring to every striping project we undertake, guaranteeing enhanced safety and organization for your premises.

Commercial General Contractors Parking Lot Line Striping
Commercial General Contractor Line striping

Rest assured that Benavidez Commercial Contractors' dedicated paint crew is here to provide your company with dependable and expert services, ensuring that your parking lot paint remains vibrant and impeccably straight. We take pride in our commitment to enhancing your parking area's visual appeal and safety, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and employees. Count on us to maintain the pristine appearance of your parking lot, contributing to a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all who visit your premises.


At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, we are always sure to power wash any exterior project before painting to be sure to start with a clean surface.  In the first picture, you will notice the fresh paint on the stucco building. 

benavidez commercial framing
Commercial General Contractor Painting of Canopy Ceiling and Poles

Not only can Benavidez Commercial Contractors take care of painting a client’s parking lot, but we can also freshen up any of your exterior paint. Do you need your parking lot light poles repainted? This picture demonstrates the repainting of the poles for a Wawa gas canopy. 


This picture shows a guard rail that had faded and chipped paint but now looks new again.  

Commercial General Contractor Guard Rail Painting

And while much of the more cosmetic appeal may be seen outside, we also work on interior, such as the painting of this bathroom.

Commercial General Contractor Interior Painting

We Use Only Top-Of-The-Line Equipment, Materials, & Subcontractors

Contact  Benavidez Commercial Contractors so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your requirements come true. We can fulfill all your requirements, from permit applications to close-outs and everything in between.

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Benavidez Commercial Contractors is dedicated to family values, integrity, and our assiduous team.  At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, employees are like family.  The carpentry and painting crews not only know and understand Sebastian’s expectations but also understand each other since they have worked together for over fifteen years. 

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Commercial General Contractor Line striping
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Commercial Laminated beverage wall finished
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