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Companies Are Always Evolving

Companies are always evolving. As a business grows and changes, the base of operations may not be suitable for their current needs. A commercial renovation may be just what is required to push the company forward successfully. Sometimes this involves making the working environment better for their team or even re-branding the business itself. Whatever the reason, our company can help make those ideas for change a reality through the commercial renovation process.  We have worked with a variety of different businesses for their commercial renovations.

Ceiling Tile Installation

Exterior work

At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, we understand that the renovation will make an impact on your business.  There are special skills to complete commercial renovations.  Many factors, both tangible and intangible need to be considered before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your building.  And our company, we aspire to be your Commercial Renovation General Contractor and look forward to discussing your goals.

Commercial General Contractor Exterior Work

This features the encapsulation of the underneath section of the canopy. The encapsulation is completed for cosmetic reasons as well as preventative pest control.



This picture shows the replacement of an exterior soffit completed during a Wawa Convenient Store remodel. In the picture, our crew is in the process of installing new siding as well.   

Commercial Contractor Exterior Soffit Replaced
Commercial Contractor Roof Fencing

Next, you will notice the protective roof fencing that can be replaced or installed by Benavidez Commercial Contractors. In this picture, BCC replaced the Azek slats that were attached to the structural steel railing. 


Commercial Contractor Siding Replaced

In this picture, you will notice this is the completed new siding installation for the Wawa Convenient Store.



You will notice bollards installed around an attached trash enclosure.  Benavidez Commercial Contractors installed both the bollards and trash enclosure.  These bollards are laid out in accordance with each township’s codes.  Trash enclosures can be attached or detached and customized to the client's needs.


Commercial Contractor Parking Lot Bollards

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Contact  Benavidez Commercial Contractors so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your requirements come true. We can fulfill all your requirements, from permit applications to close-outs and everything in between.

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Benavidez Commercial Contractors is dedicated to family values, integrity, and our assiduous team.  At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, employees are like family.  The carpentry and painting crews not only know and understand Sebastian’s expectations but also understand each other since they have worked together for over fifteen years. 

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Commercial General Contractor Line striping
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