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How it all Started


Benavidez Commercial Contractors, LLC (BCC) was established in 2020 by Sebastian Benavidez in Pittsgrove, New Jersey, and is based in Newfield, New Jersey.  When Covid hit, the company Sebastian worked for shut down, leaving him and all the employees without a job. With over twenty years of combined experience in residential construction (five years) and commercial construction (fifteen-plus years), Sebastian decided it was time to invest in his own commercial construction company.  Sebastian had made such a name for himself that all of the employees from his previous company wanted to work for him.  BCC is in its third year and is continuing to grow.

Hard Working People

Meet Our Team

Owner/Project Manager

Sebastian Benavidez

Sebastian is the owner and project manager of Benavidez Commercial Contractors.  As the company’s project manager, each project begins and ends with him.  Sebastian has worked his way up the construction ladder. He started working for a small residential construction company right out of high school, eventually making his way to a project manager position.  He has 20-plus years of experience in construction and seven years of management experience.  He is thorough in his job and is a lead-by-example boss.  Before a project begins, he ensures his team understands the full scope of work to finish the project in a timely and efficient manner.

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Assistant Project Manager

Hector Benavidez

Hector is the assistant project manager for Benavidez Commercial Contractors.  His sixteen years of experience in a previous management position is handy on the construction site.  Hector works closely with Sebastian while in the office to ensure each project is ready to begin on time and is BCC’s guy onsite, ensuring all jobs run smoothly.

Permit Specialist

Dennis Steudle

Dennis is the permit specialist here at Benavidez Commercial Contractors.  He has worked with Sebastian as the permit specialist for five years now.  Having previous experience in law enforcement, Dennis is always sure to cross his Ts and dot his Is.  Dennis is proficient in applying for permits and meeting township requirements.  Clients can rest assured that all the correct permits will be pulled when Dennis is on the job.


Accounts Payable

Lauren Benavidez

Lauren is not only Benavidez Commercial Contractors’ accounts payable finance officer but also the company's backbone.  She helps with running the company from behind the scenes.  When Sebastian decided to open his own company, Lauren willingly put her career aside without hesitation, leaving her teaching position to help support his dream.  Lauren’s organizational skills and task-oriented personality made her an asset to the company and are essential to keeping all accounts in order.  Lauren ensures all of BCC’s suppliers and subcontractors are paid promptly, allowing us to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Office Security

Ripley Benavidez

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We Use Only Top-Of-The-Line Equipment, Materials, & Subcontractors

Contact  Benavidez Commercial Contractors so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your requirements come true. We can fulfill all your requirements, from permit applications to close-outs and everything in between.

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Benavidez Commercial Contractors is dedicated to family values, integrity, and our assiduous team.  At Benavidez Commercial Contractors, employees are like family.  The carpentry and painting crews not only know and understand Sebastian’s expectations but also understand each other since they have worked together for over fifteen years. 

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